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The Company / History and Profile

Our company was incorporated in September 1985 in the city of Bento Gonçalves in the state of Rio Grande do Sul by the companies Grendene S.A., Telasul S.A. and Pozza S.A. – Indústria e Comércio, under the name Premier Móveis Ltda., which was changed in the same year to Dell Anno Móveis Ltda. Initially, we only manufactured kitchen furniture.

During the 1990s, we sought to expand our activities by investing in new product lines and by diversifying our distribution channels, which consisted of our own stores and Multibrand Sales Points.

In 2003, we created the brand Favorita, which initially focused its sales on only Multibrand Sales Points. That year, we also changed our corporate name to Única Indústria de Móveis Ltda., turning Dell Anno into our main brand, sold only through Exclusive Dealers.

Continuing with our business expansion, in 2007 through the brand use licensing agreement we executed with Telasul S.A., we obtained the non-exclusive right to use the Telasul brand, whose product profile included servicing large retail chains focused on customers in the lower income bracket. In the same year we also created the Unicasa Corporate University for the training of Exclusive Dealers and employees, as well as initiating deployment of our trainee program.

From 2007 to 2009, our brands Dell Anno and Favorita underwent a repositioning process in order to improve awareness of the brands and their respective products. In 2009, this repositioning resulted in the creation of the New brand, focused on increasing sales to the Brazilian middle class, completing our brand portfolio.

In 2009, we changed our corporate name to Unicasa Indústria de Móveis S.A. In 2010, we created Unicasa Corporate, a business division focused on business relationships in the construction and hotel.

The year 2011 was marked by our business relationship with stylist Reinaldo Lourenço and by the international presence of the Dell Anno brand at the Milan Furniture Fair, where we sponsored an exhibition of architecture and design. Also in 2011, we invested in just-in-time production technologies and the differentiation of our products: 45º beveled finishings were launched and the Dell Anno and Favorita brands were complemented with the office and children’s lines. 

In the beginning of 2012, we primarily focused on strengthening the link that our Dell Anno brand image has to style and fashion by sponsoring the São Paulo Fashion Week. We have also focused the communication strategy of our New brand with the middle-income bracket by sponsoring Big Brother Brasil 2012, and scheduling advertisements to air throughout 2012 on the popular television show Caldeirão do Huck, among others.

The “Casa Brasileira” brand was launched in March 2013 at the Paraná State Furniture Fair (Movelpar), inspired by the place where human beings live out numerous stories, have special affection for, and where they seek to give their personal touch: their home. From north to south of Brazil, we studied the architecture, the design, the shades and the cuisine. The brand’s positioning is targeted at all the regions across the country, and democratizes customized furniture through affordable prices. The brand was designed for those who seek richness in details, in the elements that make up Brazilian culture, and who are proud to have Brazil inside their own home. The strategy of the new brand “Casa Brasileira” seeks to consolidate and express Unicasa’s objectives of providing modern, dynamic and top quality solutions to clients.

Noticing the growing use of painted furniture (lacquer), the Company added this product to its portfolio in the second half of 2013. The process of painting carried out by high-technology robots, inspired by the best automotive painting methods, enabled us to deliver a product with superior quality painting in a wider range of colors and a shorter span of time than our competitors can offer.

On May 27, 2014, the Company inaugurated Dell Anno Atelier, the main store in our Own Store project. With an area of 450m², the atelier embodies the positioning of the brand that has been integrating fashion into furniture design, first with Reinaldo Lourenço, who designed the Duo Chamalote line, and later with Animale’s Ashanti collection. The showroom open its doors with the launch of the MOON surface, signed by fashion designer Pedro Lourenço, with a campaign starring model Izabel Goulart.

The Company’s Management decided, in July 2014, to stop supplying modular furniture to department stores through its Telasul Modulados brand, concentrating its efforts on increasing the Company’s profitability through its core business, which is custom-made furniture.


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