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Corporate Governance / Code of Conduct and Ethics


The Code of Conduct of Unicasa Indústria de Móveis S.A. (“Code of Conduct” and “UNICASA”) aims to regulate, in general terms, the ethical principles and rules of conduct that shall instruct UNICASA’s actions and that shall be preserved in its relationship with managers, employees, service providers and other persons and entities to which UNICASA relates (“Collaborators”).

UNICASA’s reputation and credibility are important assets which the company has. The ethical principles that instruct UNICASA’s performance contribute to the preservation of UNICASA’s image as a solid and reliable entity before clients, suppliers, consumers, investors and collaborators in general.

The guidelines of this Code of Conduct shall be complied by all UNICASA’s Collaborators, regardless of their attributions and responsibilities.


Unicasa’s Values

1) Meritocracy Our most important asset is competent people, working hard and in a team, growing to the extent of their talent and being rewarded by their results. 2) Focus on results Reaching profits consistently above the market average is a top priority. 3) Lean company We constantly seek the lowest price with quality. Every fund shall be used in the creation of value and waste shall be eliminated. 4) Agility We look for Collaborators who know how to do it and do it quick. Who cannot take pressure, cannot adapt. 5) Owner’s pain Our Collaborators shall work as if they were the owners of the business. Every process shall have a person in charge with authority to act without being complacent with error. 6) Example comes from the top We lead acting in accordance with our Values, fulfilling what we promise. Deviations of conduct and lack of ethics are not tolerated. 7) Continuous learning Learning, improvement and education constitute Unicasa’s continuous search. We dedicate a lot of time and research to offer differentiated trainings to all Collaborators. 8) Proximity with the market We work connected to all the process, with emphasis in the contact points with the consumer. All employees shall experience and understand the commercial process. 9) People’s factory Our recruiting is continuous. Choosing Collaborators with a high potential, developing them, inspiring them and keeping them motivated is the main task of Unicasa’s leaders. 10) Transparency and rendering of accounts We are not afraid of seeing the facts as they are. We encourage a clear, objective and timely communication between our Collaborators.


Relation with Collaborators

UNICASA’s relationship with its Collaborators is based on transparency, trust, integrity and on the respect for the human being in his/her individuality, privacy and dignity.

The admission seeks to meet the basic requirements of each function, in compliance with the predetermined criteria.

The promotion is based on meritocracy.

UNICASA rejects any attitude of discrimination of religion, philosophical or political conviction, nationality, origin, gender, age, color, sexual preference, marital status or physical or mental disability.

UNICASA seeks to offer an environment where the physical and mental integrity of its Collaborators are assured.

Collaborators shall use UNICASA’s equity, working hours and information only for purposes of work and/or interest of UNICASA itself.

Collaborators are prohibited from offering or accepting presents or any economic advantage of any nature, that might be correlated to any type of UNICASA’s negotiation, except for low-value objects categorized as gifts in the amount of up to BRL 100.00 (one hundred Brazilian reais). Gifts with higher value shall be forwarded to UNICASA’s Human Resources department for raffle at the end of the year. Every Collaborator shall follow the computer security policy established by UNICASA in the use of information technology resources.

The person in charge of the area shall be informed by the Collaborator whenever some private activity might interfere or conflict with UNICASA’s interests, clarifying its nature and extension. Likewise, the person in charge of the area shall be informed, whenever required by UNICASA, if the Collaborator has investments in shares issued by UNICASA and when there is any participation of his/her spouse/partner or first-degree relatives in enterprises competing with UNICASA.

Collaborators are not allowed to use information they have in view of their activities, benefiting themselves or third parties, to advise the purchase or sale of shares issued by UNICASA, or use information that is not in the public domain.

Only upon authorization the Collaborator may represent UNICASA before the external public and press.

Collaborators shall be loyal to UNICASA, not using in own or third-party benefit, with or without prejudice to UNICASA, the commercial opportunities they get to know due to the exercise of their office. Collaborators shall, within their attributions, preserve UNICASA’s name and image.


Relation with Clients

UNICASA’s foundation of success is the client satisfaction. Clients shall be served with promptness and agility, offering clear, precise and transparent information to them. The client shall always obtain answers to his/her requests, properly and on the determined period. UNICASA directs its efforts so that the value perceived by the clients in relation to the product quality and service provides trust and establishes a long-term relationship.

Expenses with clients related to meals, transport, accommodation or entertainment are acceptable, as long as justified for work purposes, carried out within the reasonable limits and do not result in constraint or necessity of retributions.


Relation with Suppliers

UNICASA seeks to establish a lasting relation of mutual trust with its suppliers, without prejudice to the principles of free enterprise and loyalty in the competition.

The criterion for selecting suppliers shall take into account their ethical and socially responsible behavior, besides technical and financial criteria.

Expenses with suppliers related to meals, transport, accommodation or entertainment are acceptable, as long as justified for work purposes, carried out within the reasonable limits and do not result in constraint or necessity of retributions.


Relation with Competitors

Competitiveness of products manufactured and/or sold by UNICASA shall be exercised based on fair competition. No comments shall be made that can affect the image of the competitors or contribute for the disclosure of ungrounded prejudicial information about them, and the competitor shall be treated with the same respect UNICASA expects to be treated.

Providing strategic, confidential information or, in any other way, prejudicial to UNICASA’s business to third parties, including, but not limiting, to the competitors, is expressly prohibited.


Relation with Shareholders and Investors

The relation with shareholders and investors shall be based on precise, transparent and timely communication of information that enables them to follow up UNICASA’s activities and performance.

The treatment given to UNICASA’s shareholders does not depend on the quantity of shares they hold, complying with the legal restrictions. All shareholders will be provided a flow of information with treatment equality, under the terms of the applicable legislation.


Political Activities

UNICASA will make no restrictions to the party-political activities of its Collaborators. However, they shall always act in personal character and in order not to interfere in their professional responsibilities.

The exercise of party-political activities in the work environment and that involve, in any way, UNICASA's funds is expressly prohibited. The members shall not use UNICASA’s uniforms when in the exercise of political activities. Relation with Environment

The environmental balance and the nature preservation are fundamentally important to UNICASA’s business activity. UNICASA has an active participation in the prevention to the waste of natural resources and zeal and care in the manufacturing, handling and transportation of its products. Each Collaborator shall contribute to the conservation and improvement of the environment.



Collaborators are expected to follow all the guidelines established in this Code of Conduct under all circumstances. Should a conduct, practice or policy of UNICASA be violated, the Collaborator will be subject to suitable disciplinary measures, which include warning, suspension, dismissal with cause and other penalties set forth in the applicable legislation. The Collaborator that is aware of the violation to any provision hereof, by any person, shall inform such fact to the manager of its area.


Human Resources

UNICASA’s Human Resources Officer shall judge the most severe violation cases of this Code of Conduct and impose the suitable disciplinary sanctions, as well as resolve on the clarification of doubts in relation to its text.


General Provisions

All Collaborators shall be informed of the guidelines of conduct contained herein. No Collaborator may claim lack of knowledge of the guidelines contained herein in any event or under any argument. For this reason, this Code of Conduct shall be expressly adhered by UNICASA’s Collaborators upon the signature of the Declaration of Receipt and Commitment on its content, under the terms of Exhibit I.

This Code of Conduct will become effective on its approval date by UNICASA’s General Shareholders Meeting, revoking any and all provisions otherwise.

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